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Alonso bristles when asked about latest ‘mistake’

Fernando Alonso bristled on Saturday when it was suggested his brake lock-up was the latest in a string of “mistakes” so far in 2010.

The Italian media had already hit out at Ferrari’s Spanish driver after Monaco, when he crashed into the barriers and could not qualify his broken chassis.

Also under scrutiny have been Alonso’s spin in Melbourne, the qualifying strategy disaster of Malaysia and the jump-start in China.

Corriere dello Sport’s headline had rued “Alonso, the disaster”, and there was more ammunition in Turkey when the 28-year-old locked his brakes during Q2 and failed to make the final segment of qualifying.

“Mistakes?  I braked late to try to recover and the rear brake locked.  If this is a mistake …” he is quoted as irritably telling La Gazzetta dello Sport.