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Briatore rules out returning to current F1

Flavio Briatore has ruled out returning to formula one for now.

The former Renault chief was ousted amid the ‘crash-gate’ scandal some years ago, but his ban was lifted and the French carmaker is now returning as a full works constructor.

So why isn’t Briatore also returning?

“I don’t miss it.  I miss the old formula one,” he told Arabian Business.

The flamboyant Italian thinks that, if he had stayed in F1 beyond 2009, the sport would not have changed into its current, controversial guise.

“They (the FIA) weren’t happy because we (Renault) were too powerful at the time.  But with that power, I promise you formula one would have stayed like it was before,” said Briatore.

He thinks F1 is now “Playstation for engineers.  People forget the fans, forget the show.  People don’t find it interesting”.

But there is hope, Briatore argued, as “I think sooner or later it will change, because like this it will go nowhere.”