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Campos hopes to solve team problems by Monday

Adrian Campos is hoping to get plans for his formula one team back on track by Monday.


Amid intense speculation about the health of the Spanish foray Campos Meta 1, and claims it will have to hand back its official entry for 2010, 49-year-old team principal Campos spoke to Britain’s BBC Sport.

“We are trying to have everything solved on Monday — and people are saying a lot of stupid things.  Some are true and some are not,” said the former Minardi driver.

“We are working very hard to be in Bahrain,” he added.

But Campos would not confirm that a part of the team is to be sold to the South African entrepreneur Tony Teixeira.

“The problem is we have confidentiality clauses in everything we are doing,” he said.

He did however admit that payments to the team’s Italian car constructor Dallara have not always been on time.

“Sometimes we pay the 7m Euros (instalment) to Dallara and sometimes we don’t have the money.  We are trying to solve the problem,” said Campos.

He denied Dallara have grown tired of waiting for the money and instead sold the 2010 car to hopeful entrant Stefan GP.

“No, they (Dallara) can’t do that — we have a contract with them,” Campos said.