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De la Rosa rules out wins, podiums for Sauber

Although outpaced only by the dominant Ferrari this week, Sauber’s new C29 car is not a podium contender.


That is the admission of the Swiss team’s veteran Spanish driver Pedro de la Rosa, following suspicions that Sauber have been running low fuel at Valencia in a bid to attract sponsors.

When asked by the Spanish press if he will be on the podium in 2010, the 38-year-old answered: “We will try, but it is not really possible.

“We have a good car but the team is very small.”

De la Rosa emphasised that Sauber, in the wake of BMW’s departure in every way except official title, is not in the championship fight with Ferrari.

“They have impressed everyone,” he said of the Maranello-made F10’s debut.

“We have to be realistic.  Our aspirations are to calmly get the most points we can, not to win races,” added de la Rosa.

“It matters little that Ferrari are faster because our struggle is not with them, even though we are well positioned.”