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Experts predict trouble looming for Hamilton vs Button

Red Bull figures have joined Damon Hill in predicting that trouble is on the horizon for the relationship between McLaren’s British teammates.

“It’s just been on simmer so far and it will start to boil over,” 1996 world champion Hill said earlier this week.

Mark Webber on Wednesday admitted that his own pairing at Red Bull with Sebastian Vettel is not made in heaven, particularly in the wake of their Istanbul crash.

And while world champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button appear friendly at present, “It will take only one small incident for things to flare up between them,” Red Bull boss Christian Horner thinks.

“They won’t be having so much of a love-in when that happens,” he added.

Horner’s ‘love-in’ comment is probably a reference to the series of viral videos distributed by McLaren and its sponsors depicting the teammates in a range of affable activities.

“I believe they are working hard to put up a bit of smoke and mirrors,” said Webber.  “But those two are racing each other.

“They have not had the sort of incident Seb and I had — yet.

“Lewis and Jenson are always racing at the front and it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen, because of what’s at stake and both are hungry drivers,” he added.