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Ferrari launches F150 at Maranello

Ferrari on Friday became the first team to reveal its 2011 car.

At the famous famous team’s Maranello headquarters, ahead of a track debut at nearby Fiorano, the wraps came off the F150 — a tribute to Italian unification and featuring an Italian flag on the rearward-facing rear wing.

One front angle of the car reminded strongly of last year’s championship winning Red Bull, but the rear of the car showed push-road suspension – unlike Red Bull’s pull-rod – has been retained.

“As far as the looks are concerned the rules keep them (the 2011 cars) quite unaltered,” said technical director Aldo Costa.

“The cars look like the ones from last year, but from a technical point of view they will be really different,” he added, referring mainly to KERS and the double diffuser ban.

Designer Nikolas Tombazis, meanwhile, warned that the appearance of the car will change before it is raced in March.

“The entire body will be changed,” he said.  “We will have changes visually and also in performance for our first race.”