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Ferrari wants illegal passing rule change

Ferrari wants a rule change in the wake of Fernando Alonso’s drive-through penalty imposed during the recent British grand prix.

The Italian team criticised the time it took for race director Charlie Whiting to answer a query about whether Alonso, who cut a corner, should hand back the position to Robert Kubica.

Ferrari claims it took the FIA almost two minutes to respond, by which time giving the place back to Kubica would have been complicated.

“We will discuss an amendment to the regulations: if the race directors are not involved within 3-4 corners afterwards, the manoeuvre is considered to be correct,” team boss Stefano Domenicali said in an interview with La Stampa.

Following Ferrari’s furious criticism of the safety car rules after the preceding Valencia race, the regulations were tweaked at Silverstone.

When mischievously asked whether the rules need changing after every race, Domenicali smiled: “It’s a very complex sport.”