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FIA should use photo evidence for flexi wings – McLaren

Despite quietening in recent days, the flexible front wing saga could be set to ramp up once again.

McLaren and Mercedes figures said after Spa-Francorchamps two weeks ago that, with the FIA now employing tougher scrutineering tests, they thought Ferrari’s and particularly Red Bull’s wings were flexing less visibly in Belgium.

But Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport has published a photo, taken at Spa, showing the front wing on Mark Webber’s RB6 almost scraping along the track.

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh is reportedly angry.

“The FIA should use the photo evidence.  Cars that have the wings systematically closer than 65 millimetres to the ground in the braking zones should be excluded,” he said.

But Renault’s Robert Kubica is weary of the ongoing finger pointing.

“They’re probably looking for an excuse and to divert attention from their other shortcomings,” said the Pole.