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Hamilton excuses passionate Alonso’s outburst

Lewis Hamilton has moved to end a new war of words with his former sparring partner Fernando Alonso.

In the wake of Alonso’s post-Valencia outburst, suggesting “even a child” knows the safety car cannot be overtaken, Hamilton hit back by reportedly accusing the Spaniard of “sour grapes”.

But at a paintballing session with his McLaren teammate Jenson Button and the British media, the 25-year-old insisted he is not concerned about Alonso’s claim that stewards “manipulated” his European GP victory.

“It doesn’t worry me,” newspapers quote Hamilton as saying.  “I’ll just keep focused on my job.”

The 2008 world champion, and current championship leader, said recently that the 2010 title might mean more than ever to the winner because of the competitiveness of the field.

“We’re all feeling the pressure,” continued Hamilton, still referring to Alonso’s outbursts.

“It’s the most intense season so far for all of us.  You’ve seen even with me this year; when you put your whole heart and passion into it you are not always correct with what you say.

“I had that experience in Australia, you know, so we all do it.”