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Horner says F1 budget cap back on agenda

The idea of budget caps in formula one triggered a political war two years ago, but it is back on the agenda now according to Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

The 2010 drivers’ and constructors’ champions have been accused of breaching last year’s FOTA-initiated Resource Restriction Agreement (RRA); a limit on certain areas of team spending.

But it is Red Bull’s Horner who has now told the Guardian newspaper that the sport should stop tinkering at the edges of cost-cutting.

“We agree with restricting activity but don’t cherry-pick … let’s do a transparent once-and-for-all deal with this,” said the Briton.

He said talks for an overall limit on team spending are “heading in the right direction”.

When asked if there is a difference between what he is talking about and Mosley’s budget cap, he answered: “That’s a very good question.”