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Horner wants ‘long-term’ contract talks with Vettel

Christian Horner wants to sit down with Sebastian Vettel at Silverstone this weekend and talk about the future.

23-year-old Vettel is already contracted to Red Bull Racing for 2011, but the Milton Keynes based team reportedly wants a much longer deal.

Germany’s Sport Bild said the team, owned by Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz but run by Briton Horner, is eyeing a deal through 2015.

But when asked precisely how long he would like Vettel to commit, Horner joked: “2028.

“Then he’d be 41, like Michael Schumacher.”

Vettel handles his own contractual negotiations, with only the assistance of his father Norbert.

Horner said: “I know that Mercedes would have Sebastian.  Ferrari too, and even McLaren would not be averse.  That’s why we want to have him for the long term.”

The media report said a new deal to 2015, with options through to 2018 with a ten per cent retainer increase per additional year, would boost Vettel’s retainer to about EUR 12 million per season.

Said Horner: “Sebastian is the future.  He is going to be around, winning, for many years.”

And Vettel commented: “I already have a contract with Red Bull.  What happens next, we will see.

“For me, it’s not about the money but about sitting in a competitive car with a team I feel comfortable with.”