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How Boullier shook off ‘ghost’ of Briatore

Eric Boullier has admitted that one of his tasks last year was to shake off the “ghost” of Flavio Briatore.

With Renault F1 in tatters after the crashgate affair, Frenchman Boullier was appointed boss by new owners Genii and he has retained the post after the arrival of Group Lotus.

Recalling his arrival a year ago, he said: “I had the ghost of my predecessor in mind.  I took away everything that had to do with him (Briatore),” Boullier is quoted by France’s autohebdo.fr.

“I changed my office, the style of management.  The only way was to erase everything or make it different, but not myself.  I had nothing to lose,” he added.

Today, Boullier said he is happy to still be heading the Enstone based team and told L’Equipe that he hopes the black and gold Lotus Renault GP car wins races.

“I want people to see this team as a great one like Ferrari or McLaren,” he said.

“Now I feel like I belong and it’s much easier,” added Boullier, looking back on his arrival in January 2010.

“I’m happy to be intact after the first year.  To earn respect for the team is no small victory and it was my main challenge.

“If it had not worked, I’d have gone back to what I can do but it’s been a  year and I’m still here!”