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Journalist confused as Korea wins F1 race prize

A leading F1 correspondent has admitted surprise at the news Korea was the best grand prix promoter in 2010.

While races in Abu Dhabi, Singapore and elsewhere were nearly universally praised, the inaugural Korean event took place at an incomplete facility while team members and media stayed in what were disparagingly dubbed ‘love hotels’.

But at the governing body’s annual prize gala in Monaco last Friday, the Korean grand prix received the Race Promoters’ Trophy.

The FIA said the award “recognises the state-of-the-art Korean International Circuit which hosted its inaugural grand prix this year.”

“Korea.  Korea?  KOREA??!!  I must have been somewhere else,” remarked The Times correspondent Kevin Eason on Twitter.

Added Byron Young, F1 correspondent for the Daily Mirror: “The Korean GP, complete with event and flight chaos, shoddy hotels and things I won’t mention, won the race promotor’s trophy.  Why?”

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