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Kolles denies HRT suspended by F1 teams body

Colin Kolles has categorically denied FOTA’s claim that HRT was suspended from the teams association due to not paying its membership fee.

After a spokeswoman for the Spanish outfit said HRT had simply decided FOTA is a body for the big teams, FOTA general secretary Simone Perillo clarified that in fact part or all of the annual EUR 100,000 fee had not been paid.

“I can strictly deny it,” boss Kolles told the Hindustan Times.  “FOTA has spread a misleading message which will be rectified in the coming days, however, for the moment I don’t want to say anything else.”

He also referred to the political power FOTA is readying to wield ahead of negotiations for a new Concorde Agreement beyond 2012.

“It is true that FOTA will be trying to be the only counterpart to CVC and Mr Ecclestone, but we feel this is an attempt by FOTA to punch above its weight,” said Kolles.

He explained that HRT therefore “didn’t want to delegate our independent power of negotiation on such a sensitive matter like the Concorde Agreement.”

There is also the matter of the annual 100,000 fee.

“We left because FOTA defends mainly the interests of the big teams.  We see no benefit in paying money for being part of it.  We prefer investing our money in the car instead of paying membership fees that don’t benefit to us,” said Kolles.