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Korea boss says track ‘must’ be ready for F1

Korea’s F1 track manager admits time is running out for the Yeongam venue to be ready for its inaugural race next month.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Jason Cho was asked if – mere days ahead of the crucial inspection by the governing FIA – he is feeling stressed.

“Just look at my face,” he smiled.

Organisers KAVO had already been given an inspection deadline extension from July to September 21, and the latest rumour is that the FIA has granted yet another extension to 28 September.

That is just over three weeks before the inaugural race on October 24.

“It will be ready, it’s a must,” said Cho.  “If we don’t finish then we don’t have an event so it will be done in ten days.”

Officials say the delays have been caused by bad weather, and KAVO’s deputy marketing manager peter Baek is also confident the track can be completed in time.

“Europeans have a set schedule and want to keep to the schedule as actively as possible but Koreans always get things done,” he said.