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‘Little reason’ to eye F1 exit – Mateschitz

On the cusp of the team’s second consecutive season of championship triumphs, Red Bull can look confidently into the future.

That is the assurance of the team’s billionaire owner Dietrich Mateschitz, who said he is perfectly happy to see his brand on the F1 grid for years to come.

“As long as the conditions remain fair and sporting there is currently little reason to imagine something else,” he told Die Welt newspaper.

Soon-to-be back-to-back world champion Sebastian Vettel is under contract until 2014 and Dr Helmut Marko said last week that he is aiming to extend the deal for a further two years.

“The championship has brought him calm.  He needs to prove nothing more,” Marko is quoted by the Sueddeutsche newspaper.

“And he is pragmatic.  As long as we keep giving him a package that is better than the others, I doubt he is going to want to drive for Ferrari just for the glory.”

As for Sunday’s task, it is Austrian Marko who sounds the calmest.

“Whether he wins the title here or in Korea in a week is no different to me,” said the team advisor.