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Montezemolo asked if Dyer getting Christmas present

A cheeky Italian journalist risked the ire of Luca di Montezemolo on Tuesday during the Ferrari president’s annual Christmas dinner for the country’s media.

Asked what Christmas present he is planning for Fernando Alonso, the 63-year-old replied: “What the heck do you give him?

“He earns enough,” laughed Montezemolo, who gave each of the reporters a model of this year’s F10.  “And I already give him a F1 car!” he quipped.

Amused that Montezemolo seemed not to be planning a gift at all, the questioner cheekily hit back: “I’m not asking you what you’re going to give Chris Dyer…”

Chief engineer and Australian Dyer is thought at risk of losing his job after bungling the race strategy that cost Alonso the drivers’ title last month in Abu Dhabi.

Montezemolo repeated again that Ferrari is not planning a major staff upheaval before the 2011 season, but that “some adjustments” are likely to take place.

He also played down rumours he is preparing to enter Italian politics, or that Ferrari to be floated on the stock exchange.

Montezemolo will similarly meet with international journalists on Thursday.

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