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Montezemolo calls for 2011 rules clarity

The 2011 rules are still not set in stone, leaving Luca di Montezemolo calling for “total clarity” ahead of next season.

Next year, along with the return of KERS and the arrival of Pirelli as F1’s tyre supplier, drivers will be able to adjust their rear wing angle when close to a rival in order to boost their chances of overtaking.

But Williams’ co-owner and engineering boss Patrick Head warned recently that the latter innovation is “not set in stone”.

Ferrari president Montezemolo said at the team’s end-of-season event in Valencia: “I hope we start the season with total clarity as regards the regulations.

“I am not worried about it, but our experience of 2009 still grates,” he added, in a reference to the rule loophole that led to the development of so-called ‘double diffusers’ early last year.
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