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No more extreme tyre allocations for 2010

Bridgestone will not be making any more Hockenheim-like extreme allocations of tyre compounds for the rest of the 2010 season.

For the German grand prix in July, and in the interests of the ‘show’, the Japanese supplier paired its hardest compound (hard) with the softest (super soft) in its range.

But Bridgestone has announced that, for the last four grands prix of the season between Japan and Abu Dhabi, only one compound step – rather than the extreme two steps at Hockenheim – will separate the selected tyre allocations.

“Due to the nature of the (four) tracks, there were no further opportunities for a hard/super soft allocation, although we did evaluate this after the lessons learnt (at Hockenheim),” the marque’s Hirohide Hamashima said.