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No protests against McLaren inlet system

The lingering threat of protests against McLaren’s controversial air inlet innovation has subsided.


Despite the opposition and even anger of some rival teams including Red Bull, Renault and Ferrari, the FIA cleared the McLaren system before the 2010 season opener.

“I haven’t heard of any protests,” said team boss Martin Whitmarsh, after Renault’s Bob Bell earlier declared the innovation as clearly illegal.

“Renault have known about it for some time and I think if they were going to protest they would have protested on Thursday.

“No other team has been able to talk about how or why it could possibly be in contravention of the rules,” he is quoted as saying by the News of the World.

It was rumoured late on Saturday that Williams might be about to lodge a protest, but technical director Sam Michael says he accepts the McLaren system is legal.

Mercedes’ Ross Brawn told the German news agency DPA that the team is now working on its own version, with Michael Schumacher surmising that the concept is “interesting”.