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Petrov confirms move to UK

Vitaly Petrov on Thursday confirmed he is relocating from Spain to England.

Before the Russian secured a new contract with Renault for 2011, team owner Gerard Lopez insisted the 26-year-old needed to “move to the UK” to be “close to the factory” and in an “English speaking environment”.

At the Autosport International show in Birmingham, Petrov confirmed he has moved.

“First of all I’m now closer to the factory, and if I need to I can go any time,” Petrov, whose new residence is reportedly near Renault’s Enstone headquarters in Oxfordshire, is quoted by the Press Association.

Petrov, who previously lived in Valencia, admitted he was worried recently that he would not be retained by Renault after his rookie season.

“I was a little bit nervous.  It was my rookie year and I knew I had made mistakes, but I also had some good races, so it was 50-50,” he said.