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Pirelli wants newer F1 car for private tyre testing

Pirelli and the F1 teams are looking into options so that the sport’s new tyre supplier can test with a fully up-to-date car.

In its development preparations for the 2011 season, the Italian marque has used a 2009-specification Toyota run by the departed F1 team.

But with the 2011-generation cars now set to be launched and tested, Pirelli has reportedly decided that its future testing work should not be done with an outdated two-year-old mule.

And Italy’s Autosprint reports that Pirelli has decided it needs to use a fully-modern F1 car rather than a “hybrid” solution.

Another option rejected on cost grounds is Toyota’s offer to update the TF109 in the wind tunnel so that it better reflects the behaviour of the 2011 cars.

And some teams are reportedly worried about giving away an advantage should Pirelli test a car built by any of the active F1 outfits.

Autosprint said two options are under review by the teams association FOTA.  One of them is to use an external team to run a test car designed by an active competitor.

Another option is that, for example if Pirelli schedules seven private track outings, the cars of the seven highest-placed teams are alternatively used for the tyre testing.