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Red Bull keeping F1 engine ‘options open’ – Horner

Team boss Christian Horner has backed reports that Red Bull’s F1 cars might one day be powered by their own brand of engine.

When Volkswagen was recently linked with an engine supply foray in the future, the closely-aligned Red Bull was mooted as a natural partner.

“We are on stand-by for an interesting partnership,” said team owner Dietrich Mateschitz recently.

“And even the idea of developing our own engine, I think, is no longer so absurd,” he added.

The new formula for 2013 might be the ideal time for Red Bull to split with its current supplier Renault and delve into F1 engine design.

“It is important to keep all the options open,” Horner told the Austrian website laola1.at.  “This is one of Mr Mateschitz’s great strengths.”

An F1 alliance with VW, however, might be considered more likely.

“With Didi’s vision, anything is possible,” acknowledged Horner.
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