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Red Bull make heavy work of success – Alonso

Fernando Alonso has accused Red Bull of making heavy work of its recent successes.

The perception in the paddock is that Spaniard Alonso has been punching above his weight with a less than competitive Ferrari, while Sebastian Vettel raced to the last three championships at the wheel of his Adrian Newey-penned car.

El Pais newspaper quotes Alonso as saying: “I’m not asking for a car one second faster than them, but one with which we can fight.

“Red Bull has won two of their titles in the last race, and that was with a car that was a second faster than the rest,” he added.

“Making the most of what they have is not one of their virtues,” Alonso quipped.

“It is usually the same: first and second in qualifying and then something always happening.  Sometimes the start, sometimes reliability, sometimes the tyres,” he reportedly said in Melbourne on Sunday.