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Red Bull should stick with fair play policy – Alonso

The teams’ differing philosophies about driver equality could mould the outcome of the 2010 world championship.

Red Bull has now secured the constructors’ crown, but not echoing Ferrari’s Hockenheim tactics in Sunday’s Brazilian grand prix means Mark Webber is 8 points behind Fernando Alonso instead of just one.

However, the latest rumblings from Red Bull suggest that the team is prepared to play a tactical game in Abu Dhabi this weekend if it means either Webber or Sebastian Vettel can be champion.

The most likely move would be Vettel moving over for Australian Webber, because if the German wins again with Webber second in Abu Dhabi, Spaniard Alonso would stroll to the title.

But Alonso thinks Red Bull should be consistent.

“Red Bull has spent three months preaching about equality, so now they should continue with the same philosophy,” he is quoted on Sunday by the El Pais newspaper.

Germany’s Der Spiegel points out that this philosophy is indeed a gift to Alonso.

“He is benefitting from a policy of fair play that his own team abandoned months ago,” said the publication.

But at Ferrari, the key philosophy is a course that leads to the title.  German reports quote Chris Dyer, chief engineer at the Italian team, as calling the Vettel-Webber one-two at Interlagos a “big favour” to Ferrari.

“But I am sure they will not be so generous in Abu Dhabi,” added the Australian.
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