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Red Bull told to modify diffuser in Monaco

 Red Bull had to modify an element of its rear diffuser during the recent Monaco grand prix weekend.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports that McLaren identified an element of the dominant RB6’s design that did not conform with the regulations.

The rear of the Adrian Newey-penned car has recently been under intense scrutiny by Red Bull’s competitors, resulting in numerous team mechanics crowding around the gearbox while it sits on the grid.

“Obviously the back of the cars are so sensitive now we try and make it as difficult for others to see as possible,” confirmed team boss Christian Horner.

Reportedly, McLaren’s engineering director Paddy Lowe spotted something on the Barcelona grid that he suspected did not conform to the rules with regards to the “infinite precision” principle.

Red Bull was asked by FIA officials in Monaco to modify the design, but subsequently dominated the famous street event.

“We had to run a version without those (diffuser) wings and found that it was even better than before,” said Horner.