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Schumacher can’t be written off – Hill

Michael Schumacher is not about to give up on his new quest to return to winning ways in formula one.

That is the opinion of the German’s 90s nemesis Damon Hill, amid suggestions the seven time world champion has lost his edge and could return to retirement before his three-year commitment to Mercedes is fulfilled.

“Just never write the guy off.  I made that mistake.  You cannot count him out.  He is never out.

“He has always somehow pulled something out of the hat somewhere,” said Briton Hill, now president of the Silverstone-owning BRDC.

Some pundits believe the 41-year-old has lost his desire to excel and allowed his famous attention to detail to lapse, and is now driving only for fun, but Hill only agrees with the latter sentiment.

“He loves driving.  Where else are you going to get the same kind of fulfilment or kick?” Hill told reporters at Silverstone prior to the British grand prix weekend.

“It is not about the money.  He is a perfectionist, very determined to achieve things and he will want to show that it is possible to win at 41.”

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone told German media that recent criticisms of Schumacher have been “unfair”.

“He was on holiday for three years, what do you expect after a break like that?” said the 79-year-old.