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Sutil annoyed after battle with Vettel

Mark Webber is not the only rival enduring a difficult relationship with Sebastian Vettel.

After the recent Canadian grand prix, German countryman Adrian Sutil mockingly described Vettel, 23, as a “superstar” following a post-race dispute.

Sutil, who drives for Force India, had told the media Vettel had sarcastically asked him if his rearview mirrors had fallen off during the race.

Their dispute kicked off again at Silverstone, after Vettel muscled past the 27-year-old on the final lap.

“He just seemed to drive into me and I lost the racing line and had to move over,” said Sutil in a team statement.

He had been more forthright in post-race interviews with German television.

“I had some good battles today,” said Sutil, “but the last one was not fair.  Sebastian pushed me off the track and I lost seventh place.

“It’s annoying.  I don’t think that’s the way you have to pass with a car that is two seconds faster,” he added.

Also to German media, Vettel responded: “It was definitely not intentional and I don’t think it hurt him too much.  I don’t think there’s much more to say about it.”