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Todt says F1 race unlikely for Africa

Jean Todt has poured cold water on reports Africa might join the formula one calendar in the next few years.

While South Africa hosted the football World Cup earlier this year, F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone said he hoped the continent would be on the calendar “in about three years time”.

Around the same time, it emerged a consortium was working on a F1 project that had requested state support from president Jacob Zuma.

But according to the president of F1’s governing body FIA, “I don’t see any opportunity in the next three to five years,” Frenchman Todt said on a visit to Kenya.

The Associated Press quoted Todt, who had been invited by the Kenya Motor Sports Federation, as saying a world rally or cross country event is more likely.

“Africa is a fantastic field to organise road racing,” he confirmed.

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