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Unnamed engineer ‘surprised’ by Webber’s outbursts

An unnamed ‘senior engineer’ has prolonged Red Bull’s Silverstone front wing saga.

The team official said he was “very surprised” when Mark Webber made a commotion about teammate Sebastian Vettel receiving his new-specification front wing prior to qualifying for the recent British grand prix.

“Throughout the period when he used the new wing, he complained that it did not work any better than the old one,” the engineer is quoted by Finland’s Turun Sanomat.

“Mark simply did not get a good feeling with it, but when there was only one left, Mark absolutely wanted to have it.

“He did not care about it at all when we still had two new wings,” the engineer added.

On the other hand, German Vettel “immediately” liked the new wing when he ran it in practice, said the engineer.

“We believe that the team management’s decision was well-reasoned and logical,” he added.

Additionally, it is reported that Webber’s RB6 chassis is actually slightly lighter than Vettel’s, with the team working to equalise the Australian’s naturally taller and heavier body.