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Vettel, not Webber, to do Pirelli tyre test

Mark Webber will not be testing Pirelli’s 2011 tyres in Abu Dhabi late next week.

But Red Bull boss Christian Horner denied the news is a sign the Australian’s disparaging comments in Brazil, and ensuing rumours that Webber will be leaving the team, had motivated the decision.

Instead, the fact that only Sebastian Vettel will be testing the new tyres for Red Bull next week was taken “six weeks ago”, Horner insisted.

It emerged on Thursday that neither of McLaren’s race drivers will be doing the Pirelli test.

But at Mercedes, Nico Rosberg will be equally sharing track time on the new tyres with his teammate Michael Schumacher.

“It is an important test because there is a lot to learn in a short time,” Rosberg is quoted in Abu Dhabi by Turun Sanomat.

“The new tyres will have a different behaviour that must be learned, like braking points and perhaps a different driving style,” added the German.

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