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Webber admits F1 ‘hunger’ might not last

Mark Webber has admitted he might not be “hungry enough” to extend his career beyond 2011.

The Australian has signed on with Red Bull for another season, with some suggesting the short contract extension is a sign of slight tension between him and the Austrian-owned team.

But Webber, 33, insists he only wanted to commit for one more year.

“I am taking each year as it comes now,” he is quoted by Auto Bild Motorsport.

“In two years, perhaps I will not be hungry enough anymore,” said Webber.  “But that doesn’t mean I’ll end my career in 2011.

“If you had asked me in 2005 if I would still be in formula one in 2011, I would have said ‘no way!’

“People think I’m under pressure because I have to fight each year for a contract, but that’s not right.”

Webber admitted a future move from Red Bull to another team is “rather unlikely”.

He also confessed he is not sure why he is so competitive at the wheel of the RB6, having won two races and is still within sight of the championship lead despite his frightening Valencia crash.

“Why?  No idea,” said Webber, when asked about his consistency and speed in 2010.

“One thing; in 2009 I was not a big fan of qualifying with full tanks, while this year I’m back in my element with the light cars in Q3,” added Webber, who on early Friday morning stunned onlookers by completing a F1 pitstop in front of London’s Houses of Parliament.