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With new form and contract, Massa ‘relieved’

With better form and a new contract in his pocket, Felipe Massa has revealed he is now “relieved” and much happier.

R12Sin-F1-10F1’s media has spent much of 2012 speculating about the Brazilian’s likely successor, as the 31-year-old struggled massively with flagging form.

Now, his speed back on track and all signed up for another season, Massa admitted to Spain’s AS newspaper: “Yes, I’m relieved.

“Calm, happy, yes.

“It is clear that the second half of the season has been very different for me from the first, and now I think the continuation (of his Ferrari career) was fair.”

In the same vein, he admitted that – earlier – his was not always the happiest face in F1.

“Yes, sometimes I would be in my room, thinking What’s wrong with me?  I have one of the best jobs in the world, a job envied and loved by everyone and yet I didn’t know what wasn’t right.

“Now I am 100 per cent happy, everything has changed and I cannot explain why,” added Massa.