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2011 Team Lotus car headed for January launch

Team Lotus’ new car is heading for a launch in January, chief executive Riad Asmat has revealed.

Amid the naming and livery dispute with new F1 competitor Group Lotus, Asmat insists the confusion is not affecting the progress of the T127 car’s successor.

“Our 2011 car has been in the wind tunnel since July and we have achieved our monthly objectives set,” he is quoted by The Star in Malaysia.

“I’m very pleased with the situation and we’re just eager for the launch of the car in January,” he added.

The only impact of Wednesday’s announcement about Group Lotus’ new collaboration with Renault F1 is that Team Lotus might have to drop its plans for a black and gold livery in 2011, admitted Asmat.

“We might have to look into the colours before the season starts.  But it’s just colours, nothing much,” he insisted.

“The majority of public feedback wants us to continue using the green and yellow livery.  But the most important aspect of the car is how fast can it go, not how beautiful it will look in either green or black,” added Asmat.
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