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Ferrari resumes rant against F1 decision-making

While the civil war develops at Red Bull, Ferrari on Monday resumed its own battle against alleged unfair treatment by formula one’s authorities.

After penalties handed out for the safety car incidents in Valencia, the Italian team reacted so furiously some suspected it would face sanctions by the FIA.

And on Sunday at Silverstone, Ferrari and Fernando Alonso were once again annoyed after the Spaniard was given a drive-through penalty for overtaking Robert Kubica.

Maranello based Ferrari’s controversial website writer is therefore back in action on Monday, describing it as a “fact” that “decisions are taken slowly” by F1’s officials.

Because Alonso did not immediately allow Kubica to re-pass him in Britain, by the time the penalty arrived, the Pole’s Renault had retired and the safety car period meant the double world champion lost many positions.

The Ferrari report refers to a La Gazzetta dello Sport article that claims F1 “always penalises in one direction”.

“There remains the suspicion that too often, when it concerns a grey area in the rules, those rules are dealt with according to who is to be penalised,” wrote Umberto Zapelloni.

Describing an article in Il Giornale, the Ferrari report writer said it speaks “of a race director and stewards who are legitimised to do what they want”.

But elsewhere, the international press was critical of Ferrari’s performance in Britain.

Corriere dello Sport described it as “a black day” for the marque, while Alonso “loses his composure”, and Genoa-based Il Secolo XIX called Silverstone a “Ferrari-flop”.