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Italian minister says Montezemolo should quit over title loss

Luca di Montezemolo should resign immediately as Ferrari president after the Italian marque blew Fernando Alonso’s title hopes in Abu Dhabi.

That was the emotional charge late on Sunday by Roberto Calderoni, a minister in the Berlusconi cabinet.

Despite being the points leader going into the 2010 finale and needing just a fifth place to be champion, Spaniard Alonso was pitted early by Ferrari in response to Mark Webber’s pitstop and finished seventh.

“Despite the ability of the excellent Alonso, Ferrari has managed to lose a championship already won,” said Calderoni.

“We are ashamed of this insane strategy and he (Montezemolo) is guilty,” said Calderoni.

“He should get out of Maranello immediately so he does no further harm to Ferrari,” added the minister.  “By the evening, we expect his resignation.”

According to the Rome newspaper Il Messaggero, Montezemolo responded: “Sometimes winners lose, but we do not give up.

“There are some small people who systematically root against the country and its symbols.  Luckily they are the minority,” he added.

Alonso also defended Ferrari’s strategy.

“Afterwards it is very easy to see the best strategy,” said the Spaniard.  “This is a sport and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  Congratulations to Red Bull and Sebastian (Vettel), next year we will try again.”

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