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Le Mans more likely than F1 for Porsche – boss

Porsche has continued to step away from its earlier hints about entering formula one in the near future.

Late last year, CEO Matthias Mueller said there are some “drawbacks” about entering F1 that are not present in other prominent series.

But then the FIA green-lighted the much anticipated new engine rules for 2013, causing Volkswagen representative Hans-Joachim Stuck to say the “conditions for a possible (F1) entrance of the … group have been created”.

However, Mueller insists that although VW brands including Porsche and Audi might often mention F1, the more realistic forays are elsewhere.

“There are undoubtedly some attractive aspects (of F1),” he told the Swiss car newspaper Automobil Revue.

“But there are other sides to it as well.  Formula one is very expensive, while success is far less predictable (than in other series),” added Mueller.

He said a Le Mans foray for Porsche, in the premier LMP1 category, is a more likely target.

“We would not necessarily have to line up against Audi, but we would do it if we need to and it would mean there are two of the (VW) group’s brands fighting in the races.

“The likelihood that the group wins would therefore obviously be increased,” added Mueller.

He urged all the VW brands to get together to “agree on a motor sport strategy for the coming years”.