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Lotus dispute to hit High Court next week

Time is running out for the Lotus naming dispute to be solved before it hits London’s High Court.

Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said on Monday that he thinks the branding debacle, with the entirely separate Team Lotus also intending to use the name this season, will be “solved” before British legal action kicks off.

But it has emerged that the court hearings are scheduled to commence next week, after both sides appointed lawyers.

On January 24 (Monday), the High Court will hear Group Lotus’ application for a summary judgement — a ruling that would not require a subsequent trial.

Chief executive Riad Asmat said Team Lotus is pushing ahead for the 2011 season with no plans for a further rebranding.

“We know we are Team Lotus, so it’s really not an issue for us,” he told the BBC.  “It (the dispute) is what it is.

“We have a five-year plan.  It’s unfortunate they (Group Lotus) decided to go their own way for reasons which to me are trivial.”

Asmat also played down Bahar’s comments on Monday about the matter being solved amicably before the court action begins.

“We haven’t heard anything from them — we haven’t talked to them recently,” he revealed.