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Massa ‘mentally destroyed’ by Alonso – Davidson

Fernando Alonso has psychologically “destroyed” his Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa.

That is the belief of former Super Aguri driver Anthony Davidson, who now attends grands prix as a commentator for British radio BBC.

Ferrari incumbent Massa, 29, has struggled to match team newcomer Alonso so far this season, but the Brazilian has put the situation down to the F10 car and the tyres.

But Davidson has a different theory.

“I can sum up Massa’s problem in two words — Fernando Alonso,” said the Briton.

“He has destroyed him mentally.  Already.  And I think that started at turn one in Bahrain,” said the 31-year-old, referring to the Spaniard’s pass on Massa on the outside of the first corner of the championship.

Alonso’s controversial pit entry pass in China recently was also widely interpreted as another psychological victory for the feisty double world champion.

Davidson added: “Every time he (Massa) goes out there, Alonso’s gone faster.  He is driving hard, but in the back of his mind he will be thinking ‘yeah, but I bet Fernando has gone faster’.

“And you get back to the pits and he has.  It does get you down,” he said.