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McLaren’s Whitmarsh favours radical rule changes

The possible rule changes to be discussed by F1 team bosses in Malaysia next week range from the relatively minor to the radical.


With the processional 2010 season opener having started the persisting ‘Bore-rain’ saga, McLaren chief Martin Whitmarsh admitted that the tone of the meeting will be set by what happens during the 58 laps of Sunday’s Australian grand prix.

“If we have a less than stunning race then the likelihood of pushing through changes is enhanced.  Personally I want a stunning race and changes,” he told the Telegraph.

Any mid-season changes will require total unanimity, which – given some teams’ efforts to safeguard their competitive position – is unlikely.

Whitmarsh said most of the changes on the table involve the qualifying format, such as reverse grids and ‘success ballast’, where drivers higher in the championship carry weights aboard their cars.

Another idea is a ‘knockout draw’ where drivers go head-to-head before a final shootout.

“The fastest one who doesn’t make a mistake will still take pole but it has a virtue in how you use your tyres,” said Whitmarsh.

“And in some races you will be in the easy half of the draw and be flattered by your grid position,” he added.