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Rosberg does not fear Vettel or Schumacher

Sporting a new look for 2011, Nico Rosberg has declared he has no fear of F1’s world champions.

“Where (Sebastian) Vettel is now?  I’ll get there,” the Mercedes driver, referring to his German countryman and F1’s new reigning champion, told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

Rosberg was speaking with a new short haircut and a stubble beard.

“No one recognises me!” enthused the 25-year-old, whose long blonde hair of previous seasons earned him the nickname ‘Britney’.

“The beard is just laziness,” laughed Rosberg, who has had to call off taking part in a triathlon event due to a slightly injured knee.

As for emulating Vettel’s success in 2011, Rosberg is determined.  “He has a good team around him in Red Bull, but myself and the whole team at Mercedes are working like crazy to catch up,” he said at the Berlin Fashion Week.

In 2011, Rosberg saw off the challenge of F1’s returning seven time champion Michael Schumacher, and he insisted he still does not fear his famous teammate.

“It may be close between us, and maybe he will beat me, but there’s no way he’s going to put me in the shade,” he insisted.

“There is no reason why I would be worse than last year — on the contrary, I will be better!”

In an interview with DPA news agency, Rosberg scoffed at Fernando Alonso’s recent claim that Schumacher will be his biggest rival this year.

“It doesn’t really interest me, but I found it a little strange that you wouldn’t say Red Bull is your nearest rival.  That seems pretty obvious,” he said.