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TTXGP North America Round Three: Mosport

The first race, held in Sonoma  proved, TTXGP electric motorcycles are not slow moving scooters – they are “130 mph laptops on wheels”, fully connected with on-board Wi-fi, the latest battery and motor technology, and imbued with the spirit of innovation that each individual team adds to the mix.

In Round one and two , the race teams battled back and forth for the lead in truly exciting contest for electric bike supremacy, round three should prove to be just as exciting as the fight for the TTXGP North American crown hots up. Despite 2010 being the first year ever for the electric TTXGP race bikes, they were already boasting almost 85% of the speed of the very latest gas-powered superbikes. In fact No. 80, The Lightning Motors electric bike team; stacked up some impressive statistics during the Road America round of the TTXGP North American championship. Lightning’s best lap time was only 20 secs slower than the best lap time of the XR1200 winner (about 11% differential.) In addition the dynamic combination of Michael Barnes racing technique and the force of the EV1 motor saw the bike perform only 12 secs behind the 10th place Harley (7%)

TTXGP is not only revolutionizing motorsport by being the first zero carbon racing series, – the TTXGP 2011 rules are open to a webstorm application provided by Bright ideas – everyone can have a say in the development of the rules – the first race series ever to use crowd-source to develop its rules.

Another revolutionary step – TTXGP teams can become owners and share profits in the series simply by racing – the more team race, the more they own of a special trust set up to run the series.

Electric vehicles are unquestionably part of the world’s future transportation infrastructure – TTXGP racing electric vehicles will accelerate the development of clean emission technologies – after all, race engineering is all about pushing limits, as fast as you can. TTXGP leverages the passion and enthusiasm inherent in motorsports.

Fans will see for themselves how TTXGP racing brings together passion, innovation, future technology and excitement into a single marketing and entertainment medium. As the TTXGP slogan says: “New Day. New Rules. New Game. Be part of it”.  Final North American championship will be in Virginia.

TTXGP:    www.egrandprix.com

Facts and info:

  1. TTXGP, the eGrandPrix is an international race series providing a high profile platform for the development of electric motorcycles, enabling the futuristic technology behind them to be tested in an exciting and challenging way. TTXGP aims to drive low carbon technological innovation forward, to demonstrate that clean-emission transport technologies have matured and can be fun, fast and exciting.  TTXGP, the world’s first zero carbon sanctioned motorsport event, was held on the on June 12, 2009.
  2. 16 motorbikes from six different countries, including the USA, India, Germany, Austria, UK and the Isle of Man took part in the race.  In 2010 TTXGP world series has been launched with the 3 regional championships (North America, Italy and UK) culminating the TTXGP FINAL/UEM in Albacete, Spain.


The Grid: Round 2; Elkhart Lake, Road America

No. 11, Team Electra – Rider; Thad Wolff

Model: 1966 Norton Atlas

Top Speed: 120 mph

Range: 80 miles (Street) and 25 miles racing (we hope)

Weight: 400 lbs

Battery type: Lithium Polymer

Horse power/battery size: AC induction motor 50 peak hp 115 foot lbs. of

torque 118 volts nominal

No 15. Electric Race Bikes – Rider; Mike Hannas

Top Speed 130mph

Weight 160kg

Battery type   LiFePo4, 72 Volts

Horse power equivalent:   KWH adjustable from 3.6 to 7.2KWH

Infineon Result:  3rd place.

No. 16 Square Wave Racing –  Rider; John Wild

Top Speed-120 mph

Range-40 miles at race pace

Weight-420 lbs

Battery type–LiFePo

Horse power equivalent-35 at the shaft   KWH-8

No.22 Agni Motors (formally Zero Agni)  Rider: Zeo Rem

0-60mph: 6 seconds

Top Speed: 120 mph (193 km/h)

Range: 50 miles @ 110 mph (80km @ 177 km/h)

Weight: 551 lbs / 250kg

Battery type: Lithium Polymer

Horse power equivalent: 73.7hp (55kW)

Torque: 88.5 ft/lbs  (120Nm)

KWH: 10

No. 23 Werkstatt – rider:  Jennifer Bromme

Top speed:   130 mph

Weight:  170kg

Battery type

Lithium Polomor

Horse power equivalent – twin agni motors, 80bhp

KWH:  7.5

No. 80 Lightning Motors –  Rider; Michael Barnes.

Top speed:166 mph

Battery type: A123Systems,

Horse power or equivalent:  motor salvaged from an EV1

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