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Ecclestone hopeful but Haas not rescuing Marussia

The new 2016 team Haas has denied rumours it is the mystery investor looking into rescuing Marussia.

American Gene Haas, also the owner of a Nascar team, has acquired the ailing backmarker’s Banbury factory and some of its assets ahead of its own grand prix debut next season.

But with reports in the past days suggesting Marussia is also close to being rescued ahead of the 2015 season, rumours hinted it might also be Haas, who could get up and running this year with the outfit’s old car.

Sky, however, quoted Haas as insisting it has “no interest in purchasing Marussia or any other team”.

Bernie Ecclestone also quashed the Haas buyout talks, the British broadcaster added.

But the F1 supremo did sound optimistic about Marussia’s chances of surviving, revealing: “I had a meeting with someone this morning that said they want to, and think they can buy Marussia, so that would be good.

“Caterham, I don’t think there is much chance of saving them, but Marussia there is a chance,” Ecclestone added.