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F1 figures push for Abu Dhabi test

Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya has vowed to step in should formula one teams need to replace the Bahrain test next month.

“Formula one is our biggest customer, so when they decide what dates they want to have we will adjust the calendar,” track director Salvador Servia told El Mundo newspaper.

“We are open to their needs.  If something happens, we will find a solution,” he added, referring to the fact that the political situation in Bahrain makes it appear likely the final pre-season test will be called off.

But some F1 figures are convinced that a non-European test venue should be arranged as an alternative to Bahrain.

“We need a test in hot weather,” Red Bull’s Adrian Newey is quoted by O Estado de S.Paulo.

Renault’s Steve Nielsen agrees: “I don’t know any of the details, but if we can’t test in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi would be a great option.”

The report said that, in the likely event that the Bahrain grand prix is also called off, the teams could then stay in Abu Dhabi for yet another test.

“That’s the most logical,” commented Toro Rosso’s Giorgio Ascanelli.  “It meets our technical needs and operationally it’s not too different from our original schedule due to the proximity of Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.”