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Hamilton admits road car crash in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton has admitted he is travelling to Brazil late after a road car crash in Monaco earlier this week.

The revelation follows Mercedes having told the world’s media on Wednesday that the triple world champion was absent in Sao Paulo so far due to a “fever”.

Earlier, however, organisers of a press conference that had to be cancelled said Hamilton had cited “personal reasons”.

Now, the triple world champion has told his 2 million followers on Twitter that he made “very light contact” with a stationary car in Monaco.

“I’ve not been well with a fever but I also had a road accident in Monaco on Monday night,” Hamilton said.  “Nobody was hurt, which is the most important thing.

“Talking with the team and my doctor, we decided together that it was best for me to rest at home and leave a day later.  But I am feeling better and am currently boarding the plane to Brazil.

“However, I am informing you because I feel we all must take responsibility for our actions.  Mistakes happen to us all but what’s important is that we learn from them and grow,” he added.

“Whilst ultimately it is nobody’s business, there are people knowing my position that will try to take advantage of the situation and make a quick buck,” said Hamilton.

A spokesman for Mercedes told us Hamilton will be in the Interlagos paddock on Thursday.

But Brazilian F1 legend Emerson Fittipaldi joked to UOL: “I’ll get in the car!  I’m the reserve driver!

“I’ve been in the same situation before, with a 40 degree fever, but by the time you have some treatment, sit in the car and get the adrenaline flowing, you’re fine.

“I also say this because I think he (Hamilton) is the favourite.  Nico (Rosberg) made his response in Mexico so he (Hamilton) will want to end the year with two wins,” he added.

As for the fact the 2015 season is ending with the championship already decided, Fittipaldi answered: “It takes away the shine, but historically we’ve seen periods like this in F1, like with McLaren with Senna and Prost.

“But it’s a cycle.  McLaren is in a bad cycle now but has everything it needs to put it right.  Ferrari is also coming back.  And the rivalry between Nico and Lewis is interesting, so it was a good championship,” he added.