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Horner rejects Ecclestone proposal for engine unfreeze

An extreme proposal to equalise engine performance in F1 does not even have the support of Renault works team Red Bull.

As Renault and Ferrari struggle to get even close to Mercedes at the start of the new V6 era, the German manufacturer is under pressure to agree to relax the so-called development ‘freeze’ so that its rivals have a chance to catch up.

According to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has proposed a radical measure to ensure that Mercedes does not continue to stroll to easy title wins in the future.

He reportedly wants Renault and Ferrari to be able to work on the performance of their ‘power units’ while only Mercedes’ development remains frozen.

Even Christian Horner, the Red Bull team boss who is highly critical of Mercedes’ attitude to keeping the ‘freeze’ in place, does not agree with that.

“The conditions should be the same for everyone,” he said.  “Mercedes should continue to develop in the same framework as the other manufacturers.”

However, even that is unlikely, as Mercedes has indicated it is not willing to compromise as much as Renault and Ferrari want.

It is here that Horner is critical of the new constructors’ world champions.

“Mercedes has been rewarded by being better than the rest with the world title,” he said.  “But why shouldn’t we get the chance to catch up?

“It would not be good for the sport if this dominance lasts for years and years without the others even having the opportunity to get closer,” Horner added.