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Schumacher disputes German road speeding charge

Michael Schumacher is disputing a road speeding charge.

Police fined the seven time world champion EUR140 for breaking the 100kph speed limit on a German autobahn by 20kph, according to Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

The 41-year-old was allegedly driving an elite rented Weismann sports car, but Schumacher is denying that he is depicted in the speed camera photograph.

The case was therefore moved to a district court in Traunstein, Germany, but neither Schumacher nor his lawyer appeared, so court costs have been added to the fine.

“We maintain that Michael was not driving the car,” said his spokesman Sabine Kehm.

Undisputed is Schumacher’s EUR1000 fine by the governing FIA for exceeding the 60kph pitlane speed limit at Hockenheim on Friday by 4.1kph.