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Third candidate could enter FIA race – Ecclestone

The race to become the next FIA president is hotting up.

David Ward, a former colleague of ex-president Max Mosley, has already announced he intends to take on incumbent Jean Todt in the December election.

The bitter rowing has now begun.

According to the Telegraph, Ward has accused Frenchman Todt of coercing Latin American clubs to support him.

Uruguayan Jorge Tomasi hit back in a letter to Briton Ward: “You have been misinformed, it is offensive for the participants, putting into question either their behaviour or personality.”

Bernie Ecclestone tried to stay out of it when asked in Singapore by Switzerland’s Sonntagsblick.

“Who are the candidates?” he said, mischievously.

But to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, he commented on Ward’s candidature.

“I’m a bit surprised he did that,” Ecclestone said.  “But maybe it has opened the door for other potential candidates.

“They’ll say ‘If he can, I can too’.  So we don’t know how many (candidates) there’ll be in the end.  There’s still time to submit a nomination,” he added.

It is said that the joker up Todt’s sleeve is the looming Concorde Agreement, in which the FIA is set to reap millions of F1’s commercial income.

The Sunday Times reports that official confirmation of the deal is now just “days” away.

A voice in the paddock last weekend said Todt has pulled off a “masterstroke” by securing the money for the governing body.

But Ecclestone insisted: “I don’t think it will make a big difference in the election.”