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Verstappen can be future world champion – Tost

Max Verstappen is on the road to becoming world champion.

That is the claim of his boss Franz Tost, as others also gush about the early form of F1’s controversial 17-year-old driver.

During his commentary in Shanghai last weekend, former F1 driver Martin Brundle said the young Dutchman has signs of following the likes of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher into the realm of true greatness.

Verstappen, who has already surpassed the on-track achievements of his father Jos, has also dazzled in 2015 with his daring overtaking.

Speaking to the German broadcaster Sky, Toro Rosso chief Tost agrees: “If he continues like this and has the right team and the right environment, then he can definitely win the world championship.

“I think you cannot really look at his actual age.  On paper he may be 17, but in reality he is much more mature,” he added.

Following Verstappen’s signing, however, the FIA introduced a minimum age of 18 for future grand prix drivers.

But Tost said young drivers are arriving at the upper echelons of motor racing today “with a significantly higher level of driving skills” compared to the past.