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Webber not keen on new podium procedures

Mark Webber has admitted he is no fan of the new podium procedures in 2012.

R12Kor-F1-01This year, the top three drivers stand on an elaborate new podium featuring electronic flags and are then interviewed live by a former driver, like Niki Lauda or David Coulthard.

But in Abu Dhabi recently, Coulthard had to apologise to the fans beneath the podium when both Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel swore.

“I am 50-50 on that,” Webber, Vettel’s Red Bull teammate, said when asked about the podium interviews.

“It’s difficult to control your emotions because you’re full of adrenaline, you’re excited.”

The Australian admitted he was “pissed off” after winning at Silverstone earlier this year when he had to share the podium with “a thousand dignitaries”.

“Apart from that you also need real flags.  The electronic flags look rubbish,” said Webber.